Content Development: Blaine Vinson, Sara Cassimon, Ilse Desaeger

With special thanks to: 

  • School of Ministry Toronto - for the interesting teachings on which we could build further:
  • Mark Virkler - for allowing us to use his teaching on hearing God’s voice: 
  • William Dupley - for allowing us to draw on material from his book ‘The Secret Place’ 
  • Steve Meyering - for allowing us to draw on his book ‘Changing the Image of the Prophetic’ in the teachings on the prophetic.

Music: Bart De Krijger:

Music Selection: Danny Cassimon

Voice-Over: Jennifer Bunker

Mixing: Jonas Cassimon

Brochure Design: Jense Somers

Final Editing: Danny Cassimon and Ilse Desaeger

Logo: Jess Rutten



This program is realized by Gloriepoort:

How does it work?

Build up from 0 to 5 km in 10 weeks while you learn to listen to God.


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