Gloriepoort vzw respects and protects the privacy of visitors to its website. The website is structured so that you can visit us without revealing your data. All information we collect from you and about you upon your registration and information request, will only be used for communication purposes between Gloriepoort vzw and the concerned person. This information is necessary for our support collaborators in order to identify you, when you do contact us for information or support.

Gloriepoort vzw shall not reveal or use any data, personal names or domain names for purposes other than communicating with visitors to its website. An exception will be made once we believe that the law is violated, by discriminatory statements, or when has not been acted according to humanitarian rules.

Gloriepoort vzw respects the privacy of this personal information and has provided sufficient security measures to protect this information.

When registering for an event, organized by Gloriepoort vzw, the concerned person agrees to the fact that this can be photographed or filmed. Gloriepoort vzw also reserves the right to use this material at our discretion on its website or as promotional material. This material shall not be sold or borrowed to a third party, but at all times remain the property of Gloriepoort vzw.

As a result of the Privacy Act of 8 December 1992, everybody has the right to adapt or remove data (or visual material) from this website or data file regarding to his own person or his or her minor children. This is possible provided that a letter will be addressed to Gloriepoort vzw, Pansgatelaan 43 – 2640 Mortsel.

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