I was already a runner when I bought the program. I listen to the teachings during my own training program. I am listening to the teachings for the fith time now, and I keep on learning new things. This really helps me to listen more and better to God's voice.

Every time I listen, I am impressed about the depth of the words and images that I receive while running with this program. The exercises appear to be so simple, yet the responses I get are so unexpectedly profound. Recently, God showed me a picture on a certain aspect of my character. He told me how glad this characteristic made Him. Two days later, someone reacted very angrily towards me, criticizing me about this very same trait. At that moment, I was able to keep my peace, as I knew God had a different opinion about it. 

Yesterday, I couldn’t resist trying out the program… although not while running. I decided to lay down on my bed and spend some quiet time with God, while listening to the session for day 1. I had a great time. Truly looking forward to hearing more of it. And the music was great. On the right time for me. Sometimes I am so busy, I find it difficult to find time for myself. With this program, I just plug in my earphones and I am able to enjoy my half an hour with God.

How does it work?

Build up from 0 to 5 km in 10 weeks while you learn to listen to God.


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